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June 7, 2012


Kiwanis: Friendship, Commitment Growth

Owego Treadway Inn

June 7, 2012

12:00 – 1:30 pm


Fifteen of our finest in attendance

All were greeted with a Wayne Clark smile

Pledge: Pete Windover

Invocation: Sandy Berwald

Key Club: None

50/50: $15 Winning numbers drawn by Pete and Karen

Fines: Pete handled the fines. Sandy, Pete, Amy, Karen and John happy for the sunshine! Ron had some green for the Celtics in high hopes that there wouldn’t be sunshine in Miami tonight. Dean happy that after nine months FEMA delivered. Steve and Wendy have welcomed a new member to the household. His name is Chippy and he doesn’t need to be called twice to dinner. Gerry had a Chippy of his own but it was called to dinner by Sylvester. Bob had proof that the squeeze change purse is still fashionable. Dick shared that although his wife is afraid of bears in the wild she has no fear of bears in the backyard. Jim grabbed his wife and planted some flowers at our circle. It was also confirmed that the light is working and the flag will be raised. Scott reminded all that the annual Waterman’s Father’s Day Breakfast is going to be held on the Island. Wayne is off to colonial Williamsburg for a family get together. Dan enjoyed an El Grande Slurpee and told Mayor Bloomberg to get a life.

Pete introduced SUNY Binghamton senior Derek Gumb who shared his story of how he became involved in a fundraising project for the Owego and Johnson City Elementary Schools. After the great flood Derek felt a need to give back to the community. Given that Derek’s mom is a teacher he was drawn to the fact that the Owego Elementary Teachers had lost almost all of their supplies. He also knew that many of the Johnson City Elementary students had been displaced. He applied for and received a Harper Fellows grant for $4000 and then set off to fundraise an additional $2500 for the two schools. He has set up a web based online fund site in coordination with It was refreshing and uplifting to have a young man recognize a need in the community and then go out on his own to find a solution.

Wow a two fer ! Dean introduced

Don Castellucci who is not only the Town of Owego Supervisor but also the account manager for the American Red Cross. Don was wearing his Red Cross hat today and shared with us the ins and outs of putting on a blood drive. Don encouraged all to give till it helps and become a blood brother or sister. There is an opportunity for the Club to participate in the next drive in July. Contact the Red Cross at 1 800 red cross or visit the web site to volunteer. Don assured us that we are just the type the Red Cross is looking for. Don handed out a very informative packet on blood. Did you know that 23% of the community’s blood comes from students? Miss a meeting miss a lot.


Upcoming events:

  • Strawberry Festival next Friday and Saturday. Contact Dan to see how you can help. 687- 3199 or email


Last Year’s Festival

  •  Sister Phyllis from Tioga Rural Ministry to be honored at our next meeting. Please come and say thanks and wish Sister good luck in her retirement.
  •  Waterman Father’s Day Breakfast on Hiawatha Island is coming up fast. Don’t miss a unique way to say thanks Dad!

Parting Shots:

Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get when you don’t.

Old age: When it takes two days to not do the same things it used to take one day to not do.