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May 10, 2012

Sandy Berwald greeted us as we gathered at the Owego Treadway. There were 16 members present.

After enjoying lunch President Scott MacDonald rang the bell and called us to order for the official meeting. Dan Sloat led us in the Pledge and Sandy Berwald offered the Blessing.

Since there were no Key Clubbers or guests we moved directly to the 50/50 drawing. Lucky Jim McFadden & Karen Scott (Surprise Surprise!!) had the winning tickets but were unable to find the ace. Jim toured the room collecting fines.

Roxy & Dave’s granddaughter is graduating from Alfred University, Scott MacDonald’s son is graduating from Mansfield University, and Amy Hoke’s daughter is graduating from Mansfield University.

Lew has been blessed with a New Grandaughter, Camielle, weighing in at 7lbs, 6oz, 21 inches long and Lots of Hair!! Congrats to Lew & Marty!

President Scott presented Jerri with $37.05 that has been collected to date for Project Eliminate. Please remember to bring your change weekly to fill the baby bottle.

Bill Motsko introduced our speaker Dr. Bill Russell. Lew offered him a seat, since he was a Rotarion!!

Dr. Russell spoke to us about the school budget and referred this year to the year of 0’s. Because of a freeze in salary increases there is no need to reduce student programs or layoffs.

There will be 3 things to vote on: The annual Budget, 2 new Board members, & replacing 4 buses. Voting will take place Tuesday, May 15th at OFA in the Lobby from 12 – 9pm.

Reminders: Board meeting – Thursday, May 17th @ the Owego Treadway

Spring Basket sale is still going on. Please continue to sell for the next week and let Sandy know what was sold.

Come join us for lunch at Noon on Thursdays at the Owego Treadway and invite a current member (or a prospective member) to come along too!

Amy Hoke